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50th Anniversary Surprise for Sharon

July 2,2011

Fiftieth Anniversary Surprise for Sharon

I had arranged to surprise Sharon with the Billboard, Friends to attend, Police Officer to pull us over


My Darling, I have watched you grow from a beautiful young teenager of fourteen, to a vibrant & gorgeous middle aged woman to an elegant senior citizen, grandmother.  Thanks for the years  ... Thanks for the memories ... Thanks for always being there.

7:00 am woke up early on D-Day and secretly configured Sharons phone to forward all calls to me just in case someone saw the sigh going up. I also turned OFF her text messaging

7:30 am We went to breakfast

8:00 am Invited Friends  showed up at Lynn & Armand Shapiro's as they were invited to be with no idea of what was about to happen

8:15 am They caravaned to the  site  ... corner of Loop 610 & San Felipe

8:30 am  Sign company put sign up

8:45 am  Police Office Arrived

9:00 am  Sharon and I drove by & Police Officer Stopped us

9:10 am  Police Officer read a violation to Sharon   "  you are being charged with  exceeding the 49 year Marriage  ... etc etc

9:20 am  Friends came out of hiding

9:30 am   Re proposed

9:40 am   Turned Sharon Around to see sign

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